The right redundancy unit for your back-up applications.

When the S8VK-R is used with switching power supplies, it provides a backup system for critical applications that require absolute reliability and zero downtime.

  • Redundancy operating LED for status confirmation
  • Signal output for failure detection of power supplies
  • Operation temperature range: -40 to 70°C
  • Double your operational lifetime by adjusting the power supply voltage to light-up the Balance LED
  • Power Boost function is possible when used with S8VK-G series power supplies

Ordering information


Input voltage

Output current

Size (W × H × D) [mm]

Order code

Standard models

Coated models

5 to 30 VDC

10 A

32 × 90 × 110



10 to 60 VDC

20 A

40 × 125 × 113








Rated Input Voltage

5 to 30 V

10 to 60 V

Output Current

10 A

20 A

Voltage Drop

0.7 V max at 10 A

0.9 V max at 20 A

Operation Temperature range

-40 to 70°C

-40 to 70°C

Safety Standard

UL 60950-1, UL 508, cURus, cULus, EN 50178, EN 60950-1

Signal output

30 VDC 50 mA max by Photo MOS Relay

Redundancy OK Indicator

LED (Green), The function to know the both of PS operate normally.

Voltage Balance Indicator

LED (Green), The function to help to get the balance of 2 unit PS output voltage

Grounding terminal

Yes, One for Chassis grounding

s8vk-r accessor oei prod


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