Multi circuit protector

The S8M turns your machine directly into UL Class 2 compliant, maximum tripping current is 3,8A per channel (adjustable). This unit controls up to 4 circuits. On top of this you will get startup / shutdown –sequence control, display and alarm functions, like voltage, output current, runtime, and over temperature and external reset. These functions can be set by using the front buttons or with the free support tool software. These settings can be protected.

  • 4 circuit protection up-to 4A per channel
  • UL Class 2 (max. 3.8A)
  • Emergency stop by external signal
  • Optimize use of available power through Start-up sequence
  • Maintenance Control

Ordering information


Input voltage


UL class 2 output

Size (W × H × D) [mm]

Order code

24 VDC

75 × 115 × 94





Note: Model S8M-CP04-R available on request. Please contact your Omron representative for special request.






Input characteristics

Rated input voltage

24 VDC (19.2 to 26.4 VDC)

Allowable input current

17.0 A max.

16.0 A max

Power consumption

10 W max

15 W max

Output characteristics

Number of branches


Max tripping current

4.0 A

3.8 A

Adjustable tripping range

0.5 to 4.0 A in 0.1 A units

0.5 to 3.8 A in 0.1 A units

Internal voltage drop

0.5V max at 4 A

0.7V max at 3.8 A

Approved Standards

UL: UL508(Listing), UR 60950-1
cUL, cUR: CSA C22.2 No. 107.1 and No.60950-1
EN/VDE: EN 50178 (=VDE 0160), EN 60950-1 (=VDE 0805)

UL: UL508(Listing, Class 2 per UL 1310), UR 60950-1
cUL, cUR: CSA C22.2 No. 107.1 and No.60950-1 
EN/VDE: EN 50178 (=VDE 0160), EN 60950-1 (=VDE 0805)

S8M Support Software

With this support software you can configure your S8M settings in a very easy way. The following settings can be configured:

  • Common setting alarms for under-voltage, over-voltage, temperature and running time.
  • Your branch values like tripping type, over-current alarm value, startup sequence and shutdown sequence.


In addition you can also monitor your S8M with this support software giving you direct access to your power supplies application conditions:

  • You can monitor all values and you can get a status overview. You get the actual input voltage, the current per branch output plus the peak current (which you can clear) and the total current consumption.
  • You can measure the internal temperature, running time, connection status and the startup / shutdown sequence.
  • You can control each branch output by tripping or connection through the software.